Desert Ayurvedics of Palm Springs


About Desert Ayurvedics

Ayurvedic Medicine is the ancient traditional medicine originating in India, where it is still remains in common practice.  Ayurvedic Medicine has spread throughout the world and includes a broad spectrum of treatments.  Some spas are advertised to be ayurvedic and may include traditional therapies, however Desert Ayurvedics is a clinic of ayurvedic medicine and not a spa.  Our practice has been in the desert for over ten years and we look forward to continue to serve our clients for years to come.




Our services are exclusive private and confidential. Due to the limited availability and high demand, of our services, Desert Ayurvedics requires a referral to a accept new clients.  The privacy of our clients is a top priority.  All clients are expected to respect the privacy and anonymity of other clients.  As a client of our office you agree not to discuss other clients or who you might see waiting in our office. We do not consult or offer advice online.  To make an appointment or receive our brochure please use the form to the right to contact us; however this office will not respond to requests that lack a proper referral.